Discussion on the anti-recruiting “ad” noted earlier

There’s an extended discussion in the comments section of my earlier post about the anti-recruiting “advertisement” run in a New York school newspaper by a student. I think a lot of what’s being said by a couple of commenters and by me illustrates a lot of what’s wrong (and right) with the current “polarization” of American politics.

I think calling someone “unpatriotic” is not only allowed, but expected. As long as you can back up your claim. If you’ve been called “unpatriotic”, don’t sit there an whine about it. Explain why the claim is wrong. If you can.

I guess that, while I don’t really condone lighting people up just for kicks, I don’t have trouble taking a hard line or being an extremist about things I think are important enough to merit such a stance. And I don’t begrudge others their right to do likewise. But we’ll be at odds from time to time, and that’s as it should be.

I’m all for questioning the Bush administration and holding their feet to the fire when it’s called for. Obviously, I don’t do a whole lot of that here on MO, but the main reason is that it’s already being done on the front pages of nearly every newspaper in America and on the evening news every night. I guess with the NYT charging for access to some of their opinion columns these days, though, maybe people just aren’t exposed to enough Bush-bashing anymore.

If you’re looking for something to do, check out the post and comments. Add your own thoughts if you want. Don’t if you don’t.

UPDATE: Okay. Maybe I’m sorry I pointed this discussion out. It’s grown considerably in length since posted this. That doesn’t make it less meaningful than before. Just a lot longer. Be warned.