Snark on the warpath

A reader tipped me off to this: The Snark – the meanest VTOL UAV on the planet

Good stuff:

Constructed mainly of Carbon Fibre and Kevlar, the Snark is light and fast (280 km/h), quiet (special rotor blades make it extremely quiet ), virtually invisible to radar or infrared detection (it recycles its exhaust gases and emits little heat) and can carry a payload of 680kg, offering the ability to pack both massive firepower (enough to sink a ship) and surveillance equipment (such as high res infrared cameras with a magnification of 7500). But wait, there’s more, and this is the clincher. The Snark is the first UAV that runs on diesel fuel, which means it can be easily integrated into any military force — current UAVs require their own special fuel supply to be transported with them whereas the entire US Army plans to run on a single one fuel – diesel. Last and probably most importantly, the Snark can stay airborne for 24 hours at a time, offering an unprecedented loiter time for a machine of this capability.

I’d write more on this, but I’m going to take the lazy way out and point you to Buckethead at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy whose got a great post up on this nifty bird and what the future may hold.


  1. Interesting remarks about the future of diesel. Australia just bought some Abrams tanks, and their fuel hunger and specialised fuel requirements are the main area where I see it being sub-optimum for Australian needs (there is also the whole second sourcing thing, which makes us far too dependent on the USA – we need some more ‘we don’t want to hurt each other, do we’). There has been work done on a replacement diesel power unit for the Abrams, so perhaps this is pointing at that – or perhaps at the Abrams being superseded and Australia having to support an orphan system or upgrade (which is why we should have more second sourcing).