Friday Linkzookery – 04 Nov 2005

From a post on Blackfive:
“Bush lied”? Hell, even Saddam thought he had WMD. Get over it.

The Mystery Of The Module
The “service module” from the recent Chinese manned flight is up to something.

China To Walk In Space, But New Rocket To Reach Moon Still Awaiting Approval
Speaking of China…

Fill ‘er Up with Oils Sands!
I continue to believe that, with the exception of nukular, oil sand/shale is probably the best “alternative energy” lifestyle out there.

Jamming with the B-52s
David Axe with a Defense Tech post on the B-52 jammers noted earlier on MO.

Marketing and Selling Hybrid Vehicles
Until they become more affordable, they’re just not going to catch on. But when the cost/gas price factor becomes favorable to consumers, they’ll go like hotcakes.

Risky Recruiting in Iraq
Recruiting reliable folks in Iraq is going to be a long-term problem, especially for the police. But some headway is being made.

Millions for Armor Piercing Bullets
M993 (5.56mm) and M995 (7.62mm) ammo (info here) being bought in large quantities.

Thursday Winds of War
I don’t often point out these weekly round-ups on Winds of Change. I should do so more often. Talk about linkzookery…

Army Threatens Retirements to Cut Budget
I’m sure no one will mind.

Stryker Sighting
David Axe on Defense Tech notes that the Stryker is gaining believers. He notes that even the Marines are considering picking some up, an idea I noted when reviewing the 1st Marine Division’s ‘Lessons Learned’ report back in January of aught-four.

New Rifle for Israel
Hell in a Handbasket on the new Israeli bullpup. He notes that the Israelis seem to think that 5.56 is good enough.

Potential Hot Spots: Syria
Strategy Page with a good summary of the goings on northwest of ol’ Baghdad.

In Rememberance
Excellent site with info on KIAs. Seems very well done. (via Intel Dump)

NatureMill Home Composter
A bit pricey but looks like a great machine for apartment dwellers (especially). Okay. Real pricey. But composting is a great idea and this makes it an option for those who might want to but don’t have the time or room or permission to do normally. Definitely worth a look. (via 37signals)

DoD aiming for mid-Dec. decision on troubled satellites
Next-generation ICBM launch detectors don’t seem to be up to snuff…

Robocopter Invades Ft. Rucker
Fire Scout news and pics