Blogosphere boots on the ground

As mentioned in last Friday’s Linkzookery, Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail is going to be spending some time in Iraq soon. He’s asking for a few buck to support his efforts, as he needs additional insurance and is taking an unpaid leave from work to do this. I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on his reports and pointing them out here.

Bill’s coverage of the Anbar province operations have been invaluable, and I’m asking MO readers to consider making a donation. Five or ten bucks can make all the difference in the world when added to a lot of other five or ten dollar donations. Murdoc has given a bit, and he wants you to do the same. Please give it a thought.

Sick and tired of ill-informed reporting and slanted analysis? Here’s your chance to help make a real difference. The view from the front is going to well worth it.