Getting the full picture

This boggles the mind.

You very likely saw this image recently during the brouhaha about the president of Iran stating that he wanted to see Israel “wiped off the map”:


Notice the poster on the podium? Here it is in full:


Hmm. Who is that down there, already broken by the time Israel begins the death plunge?

Oh. It’s us. How charming.

I’m wondering why this isn’t getting more exposure.

See Regime Change Iran for much, much more. Via Dean Esmay. I’ve long been undecided about whether Saudi Arabia or Iran was going to be a bigger problem in the long run.


  1. This just reminds us that Israeli-Palestinian conflict has to be resolved soon. There aren’t any really new and brilliant ideas on this, but let’s hope for a breakthrough. Otherwise, when we leave Iraq, all the anti-Israeli dictatorships in the neighborhood will be back to their old tricks, but with bigger weapons.

  2. Amen to that Vstress! ‘I’m wondering why this isn’t getting more exposure.’ It’s because most people in the MSM are a bunch of fools (at best). Get this. I was watching a CNN report on Adminijahb’s comments and this is what their ‘expert analyst’ baisically said. The Irainian president doesn’t understand the implications of what he is saying and he doesn’t understand western culture enough to know that these comments would be taken as offensive. With ‘experts’ like that who needs fools.

  3. He under stands what he is saying all right if he keeps this up my first action when I join the Marine Corps will be in Iran if not before then. Bring it on Sucker!!!