Murdoc’s Military Searches on Rollyo

UPDATE: Check out the new and improved Murdoc’s MilSearch here.

I’ve set up a Rollyo search for military stuff. I’ve been waiting for their “add your search to your website” tool to be completed. It is, so here it is:

Rollyo allows you to specify a group of sites to include in your search. I’ve currenlty included the following sites in my list:

So when searching for good stuff on military equipment, give this a try. (You have to select ‘Murdoc’s Military Search’ from the drop-down.)

Also, up to 25 sites can be included in the search list, so there’s room for more. Pass on your suggestions. I’m going more for military hardware than for general military news or politics.

Give it a try and let me know if this is any good. I’ll be adding it to the sidebar shortly.


  1. Seems to work okay- pretty good selection of sites for the Murdoc search and a standard search for ‘HK417’ turns up my blog 🙂 BTW, any idea what’s up with ACE? No updates since August. Has he quit for good?

  2. Does the entry box float too far to the right using IE for anyone else besides me? I just used Rollyo’s code. I’ll look into it when I get a chance. Jay Mac: I don’t have any idea about ACE, but it doesn’t sound good. He had said posting was going to be light for a while, then he fell off the radar. I’ve tried to contact him with no luck, as have a number of others I know of. No idea.

  3. B.A.: D’oh! I just threw in some off the top of my head. Those two you suggest are no-brainers. Added. At some point, we’ll hit the 25-site limit and have to decide who goes and who stays, but for now we’ll just toss ’em in and see how it works. Thanks!