Defense Tech is on fire

Inside the “Baghdad Bomb Squad”

Noah Shachtman of Defense Tech recently traveled to Iraq, and he’s got an amazing story up. Here’s part of the summary:

Booby traps, smoking mortars, rooftop gunfire, suspected truck bombs, roadside explosives, and an idiosyncratic little robot named “Rainman” all figure prominently in the story, which appears in this month’s Wired magazine. Mostly, though, the article is about the battle of wits that’s being fought between high-tech U.S. military squads and low-tech insurgent bombers.

What’s not to like? And it gets better:

But getting a clear picture of this tangle has been tough; military bomb squads, or “explosive ordnance disposal” units, are ordinarily shrouded in secrecy, operating in shadows. This is one of the first times they’ve allowed a reporter in for an extended stay.

The full story, in Wired, looks simply amazing. Its subhead reads

Buried roadside explosives. Armor-piercing shrapnel. Rooftop gunfire. Just another 29-hour day at the office for Team Mayhem and its army of little claw-tipped robots.

‘Robots’? Did somebody say ‘robots’? What do they mean ‘robots’?

Is this maybe what they’re talking about?


Oh, look! It’s our friend the Talon!

Noah’s also got a 140-picture gallery up from his trip.

I’ve barely been able to skim the article, so I guess you’re going to have to do as I say, not as I do, and go read the whole thing.

Murdoc will be traveling this afternoon/evening on business, though if the hotel has internet I hope to check into all this much more and post some thoughts.