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Why the UN? Why Now?

Caerdroia has an excellent summary of the different possible explanations for our recent proposals to the UN. He lists

  • We really did/will cave politically for foreign-policy reasons.
  • We really did/will cave politically for domestic reasons.
  • We really don’t think we can increase the size of the military.
  • We are preparing for action elsewhere.
  • We are trying to make the UN irrelevant.
  • We are trying to destroy the UN.
  • We are trying to move towards the Afghan model.
  • We are trying to create political cover for other nations.
  • We are trying to lift the perception of weakness without making sacrifices.
  • This is one of those strange political circle jerks.

There’s a good rundown on the reasoning behind each. About the last is

Frankly, that’s where I’d put my bet.

Well, there’s certainly a fair amount of that going on. Check it out. It’s certainly worth a read.

And thanks to the USS Clueless for the heads up. Also, thanks for the mention (and also Hell in a Handbasket). I’ve had a good week of traffic tonight.


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