What’s going on in France?

A couple of summers ago, I initially blew off the reports of thousands dead during a vacation-time heat wave. There was just no way that things could have been as bad as they were reported to be, I thought. I was obviously wrong, and it ended up being even worse than originally thought.

Despite having been proven completely wrong about that Paris issue, I once again dismissed reports of the rioting in the ‘City of Lights’ as probably overblown. And once again I seem to have been wrong.

What in the world is going on over there?

Meanwhile, Scappleface writes: France to Let Rioters Govern Themselves:

After seven nights of riots by youth in predominantly-Muslim sections of Paris, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) announced today that police would pull out of areas where dozens of cars burn each night to “let the freedom-fighting insurgents govern themselves.”

“Just like the United States should not force democracy upon Muslims in Iraq,” said Mr. de Villepin, “we should not impose our own provincial thinking about the so-called ‘rule of law’ on Muslim immigrants who have established a homeland in Paris.



From Blogs of War.


  1. Let me be the first to say that, after all, it is the religion of peace and we should be tolerant of their hijinks. Did anyone in France (or Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany) think that there might be a problem down the road when they let millions of muslims into their countries? Or when they put them in ghettoes, and made little effort to assimilate them? Or did little to stop radical imams from preaching hatred toward the west? Schadenfreude: a word invented by the germans to describe their feelings for the french. Maybe the French will rethink their position on the war against terror. Naah.

  2. You ask ‘What’s going on over there?’ The answer is that we may very well be watching the begining of the Islaming of France. And, of course, the end of France. A few years ago I urged family members to visit Fance, if they wanted to visit the Effel Tower while it was still standing. We are in very close to the end of that option. This is all happening only 10 miles from that famous tower, just a few minutes by Metro subway. Even 7th century Jihadists can slip a token into the turnstile, threaten the riders with death, and emerge at the base of the tower with a satchel of explosives. It’s almost inevitable at this point. Are the French going to plead for American lives to be sacrificed on French soil again? The answer is an undeniable yes. Will we send brave young Americans? Yes. We better drive a hard bargin before we do so. That challange will probably be waiting for our next President.

  3. According to the police intelligence service, a total of 28,000 cars were burnt across the country this year – even before the latest outbreak.’ This from Al Jazeera

  4. It looks like they’ve probably exceeded 31,000 vehicles so far. I’ve read that it’s done by a team of 4, with 2 mopeds. The first moped has a rider who is the window smasher, the second moped riders lobs in the molotov cocktail. Have the terrorists opened a Western Front on the war? How long before they are within serious reach of Frances Nukes? With over 20% Muslim in the military that is a real possibility. What will the Dems over here do if the terrorists get Fances nukes. Will they be able to shift their attention away from Rove? Troubling questions, all this.