Request for advice

Someone I know is thinking of buying an air rifle and wondered if the ‘gun geek’ readers of MO had any recommendations. He says he’s currently looking at the Benjamin Sheridan 392 .22 Pellet Rifle, Bolt Action and the Benjamin Sheridan CB9 .20 Pellet Rifle, Black.

Good? Not good? Counter-offers?

UPDATE: I should have noted that the primary target is going to have long ears and a fluffy tail.


  1. Check for a NRA members special, although I don’t think they ever ask you to prove membership to buy. The rifle shown, with scope, is high quality and is plenty good enough for either casual target shooting or for pest problems. Anticipated usage and what you can afford ultimately drives purchases though, so consider ebay searches if price is a real issue.

  2. Check out the Tech Force guns offered by They are far cheaper than any of the other pellet guns (Spanish, German, Italian) on the market and just as accurate, powerful, etc. Last I looked they were offering a Model 25 with 1000 fps (150 fps faster than a .22 short) for $100. I kid you not. Sure, you can spend $500 if you want – but why?

  3. 1000 fps is only part of the story. Bullet (pellet) weight is the other. A 22 short has a 29 grain bullet (Winchester). Pellets are quite a bit lighter, as I remember. A rough way to compare ‘stopping power’ is to multiply velocity times bullet weight for a ‘power factor’ value. A high velocity (assuming the same bullet drag coefficient) will shoot flatter as you get farther out, but with a lighter bullet, it will be less effective when it arrives…. …..Mr. Completely

  4. I am looking at the info on the Tech Force 25. Is this a pump action air rifle or a CO2 powered unit? Seems to be a reasonable price for the item.