Friday Linkzookery – 11/11/2005

First, my 11/11 joke. I tell it at lest once or twice every November 11th. I learned it in second grade.

Joe: Hey, Frank. How’d you do at the race track this morning? You said you had a hot tip.

Frank: Boy, I thought I was on to something. Today, of course, is 11/11. I bet $1111 on the 11th horse in the 11th race. His name was Lucky Eleven. His jockey has only won 11 races in 11 years. The race started at 11:11 this morning, and the horse was 11 to 1 to win. I placed the bet at window 11, 11 minutes before the race. I sat in the 11th seat of the 11th row.

Joe: Man. That’s incredible. Did he win?

Frank: Nope. He came in 11th.

Boy. That was horrible. On to the Linkzookery.

Laser Ray Gun: $1749.95
Lab Assembled with Rod & Flashlamp

From Ronald Reagan’s joke book
Tell one for the Gipper.

Paris Burns, The Second Leftist Utopia Burns With It
“The Left lost its earlier worldly utopia when the Soviet Union fell apart.” I’m crying my eyes out.

12 Step Program for the Military
For instance, Step #2d: It’s a phone, not a radio. Conversations on a phone do not end in “out”

Scale Solar System
1px = 1000km. (via wohba!)

Cat survives traffic, 70-foot fall, 600-foot swim
The closest Murdoc gets to ‘real’ Friday Catblogging…

Virtual property yields $100,000
You can make money doing this? Are you serious?

Poll Produces Wrong Results
No, I’m pretty sure the poll returned the “correct” results–meaning the results it was designed to return.

Saddam’s ex-No. 2, al-Douri, reportedly dead

Peak Oil..of sorts
I always try to have at least one energy-related lead in Linkzookery. This week Prof Hall at Spacecraft points out another oil sands story. And he points out the naysayers, as well…

BMD Focus: New Near Space Vision
Lighter-than-air, er, popping up in the missile defense scheme?

Steven Den Beste is now blogging at
If I had to pick one blogger as my “blogfather” I’d pick SDB. Oh, yeah. I already did.

Alaska’s Stryker Brigade captures al-Qaeda financier
Financier? Why bother with a financier? Just tell them that you’ll gladly pay them on Tuesday for a job on Monday.

Topo Employees – USGS Insiders Blog?
Via The Map Room

Why is it better to drill for oil in Texas than in Alaska?
I think this is deserving of a discussion. Go check in at Free Frank Warner.