Bruce Willis shows support for 1-24 INF

‘Die Hard’ actor makes a cameo at ball honoring Fort Lewis troops

At the formal homecoming ball for 1-24 INF (“Deuce Four”) of the second Stryker brigade, recently back from Iraq:

“Regardless of your feelings about the war in Iraq, at the very least there are young men and women who are asked every day to make the ultimate sacrifice and are not getting the respect back home they deserve,” Willis said in a brief interview. “Until that changes, I intend to keep talking about it.”

Via Stryker Brigade News


  1. Die hard 2 wasn’t so great, but 3 was OK. However I recommend you try the following if you haven’t seen them and like Mr. Willis: * Twelve Monkeys (great movie, but depressing) * The Fifth Element (if you don’t mind silly action Sci-Fi) * The Sixth Sense (if you like suspense) * The Whole Nine Yard (if you like crazy movies) * Unbreakable Personally I’m not a Pulp Fiction fan (too violence for me) but maybe you’d like that too.