“As much as I enjoy seeing the French in such discomfort, it does not bode well for the rest of the world”

Jay Tea at Wizbang:

I’d much rather have to put up with the arrogant, elitist, duplicitous, vile French than the mobs that are attempting to supplant them.

Things don’t seem to be getting better.

Just like people in places like Lebanon see freedom in Iraq and decide that they want freedom as well, other people in places like [insert country here] will see this apparent push for autonomy in France and decide that they want to push for autonomy as well. If you can’t think of a country with such large group of culturally-similar residents that refuse to assimilate, you need to look around more often.


  1. If this happens in a country where they’re not afraid to offend peoples’ sensibilities, it could get bloody. I hope nobody is stupid enough to try that. I also hope every other country is working out what it would do in this sort of circumstance, right now, so they are ready if it happens.

  2. There not rioting for autonomy. No more so then Martin Luther King was fighting for autonomy. They just want better social conditions and more oppertunities for there communitites. There not rioting for a Islamic republic in the suburbs of France. As for this spreading I do agree with that, on both sides though. We may see a real rise of vigilante groups in Eruope feeding off peoples fears of thies happening elsewhere. The Dutch have a ton of Muslims there. I am sure that the skinhead groups are using this to recruit so it could get real messy. Oh and why do you get off on the Frances misfortune?

  3. Rioting for better social conditions? It brings to mind a line from one of the Clint Eastwood early westerns ‘Joe, Joe, Joe……..’ Joseph, nobody who has two brain cells to rub together believes that tripe anymore. Talk radio, Fox News, and especially the internet have shown it for the lie it is.

  4. I’ve posted something similar on my own blog. I said that if the average Frenchman owned a rifle and two handguns this would be over by now. I’m also pretty sure I know which country your talking about. I’m also pretty sure that the source of those folks who won’t assimilate is extremely close to that country. –ER–

  5. No one with two brain cells pays attention to Fox News. Now maybe you belive that there not rioiting for better social programs, thats fine. They sure aren’t rioting for a autonamos state, thats tripe. Maybe this is being manipulated by some hardline muslims. I wouldn’t be surprised of there involvment at all, but to think they want to carve out a state in france is just way out there. Look, there are gonna be a lot of different agendas being forwarded here, there is no one answer.

  6. Yes people often forget history even here in this nation. The Texas revolution from Mexico was started by the mexican govs policy of allowing even encouraging immigrants from the US to farm and herd the western territories. When the mexican gov realized their mistake and tried to deny the immigrants turn back the damage it was too late rebelion supported by the US covertly of course and well we all know what the end result was dont we.

  7. Thats a good point but I can’t compate mid 19th centuary Mexico and Texes with moderen France. Who would sponser such a operation in France. Landowning farmers and ranchers are not the same as poor industrial workers. I don’t see where we can compare the Texens with the french immigrents. I am sure we can come up with some peopelo that would do it or that we would suspect of doing it but they wouldn’t take this chance if the the possibiliity it would fail and backlash on them. I am sure there being agitated by outside forces, that I can’t argue with. But to think the goal is to take over parts of France I cannot belive.

  8. The thing is they are so wrong, whatever the reason of the riot. At the end, it’s either the Army or the People. but someone will take car of them. and when I say take care, I mean in in a very Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry way. What do you think? that a kid can rule the country of France? that a muslim extremist can? Come on… It has reached a limit here when the Imams have issued a fatwah (islamic law) to remind their guys that destroying other peoples’ property is bad. so they should listen to the religious leaders but not their democratic leaders? Right… I’ve heard one of those (stupid) guys (kids) saying on TV: ‘during the day, we live accordingly with Islamic laws but during the night we have to take this country on its knees’… There is no doubt islamic leaders around the world watch the results of these riots. There is no doubt extremists will learn from that… ‘Aux armes, citoyens… formez les bataillons’ would have said Rouget de Lisle…

  9. If you can’t think of a country with such large group of culturally-similar residents that refuse to assimilate, you need to look around more often.’ When I go to my local ATM, I have to select English or Spanish. English is not the default! So, we have 10-20 million illegals who will not assimilate, and our government and corporations are actually enabling this behavior by making a foreign language equal to English. Are Hispanic riots in the US next?