Iraq receives those 77 T-72s from Hungary

Iraq’s T-72s: Payment Received

I wrote previously the fact that Hungary was donating 77 surplus T-72 main battle tanks to the new Iraqi Army. A week ago I noted (in the update) that they had arrived in Iraq and were ready to be received by the Iraqi 9th Division.

Since then, a subplot had developed which I had been alerted to but hadn’t been able to write about. It seems that the company that was refurbishing the tanks, Defense Solutions LLC, had not been paid for their work and was threatening to try to have the the tanks impounded in Kuwait before delivery could be made.

It now appears that the only problem was one of timing and the inevitable hang-ups associated with international funds transfers, and the payment has, indeed, been made and confirmed. Defense Solutions LLC is giving the green light and dropping any preparations for legal proceedings. Defense Industry Daily (which is in your bookmarks, right?) has more details and some information from CENTCOM and Defense Solutions LLC regarding the matter.

The T-72s will form the core Iraq’s new armored force. Until now, the primary tanks in the new Iraqi inventory were T-55s.

Meanwhile, the insurgents’ and terrorists’ primary tanks remain donkey carts and compact cars loaded with explosives and suicidal drivers.