Coming soon to a headline near you

Recruiters top goals in October

Even the National Guard. I guess that signals a shift in the national mood and that support for the war is growing. Since the media loves to watch this statistic, I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it any minute.

And I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “WHEW! At least they can call off the secret draft plan now!”


  1. We’re already seeing the response to this. Just this morning, on NPR there was a piece on a group (don’t remember who) who wants to set up ‘anti-recruitment’ (their name) tables next to any recruitment efforst in schools in some state. I think it was in the NE, but don’t remember for sure. Yes, this is what we need. A group who’s goal is specifically meant to deter recruitment of the very forces that defend the group’s right to put those tables up. Sickening. I’m happy to hear more on these groups, and how they’re actually attempting to strengthen our nation, but when they call their efforts ‘anti-recruitment’, they’ve painted the big, bad ‘not patriotic’ target on themselves. I hope they’re ready to get a message out that defuses that label in an accurate and truthful way. (C’mon, let’s have another discussion on labeling people ‘not patriotic’!)