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Westboro Baptist Church Hate Group Soundly Defeated in Greeley, Colorado

While the rest of us were commemorating Veterans Day:

On Friday, November 11, 2005, a hate group that calls itself the “Westboro Baptist Church” decided to protest the funeral of fallen soldier PFC Tyler Mackenzie, who was killed in Iraq from an IED. The funeral was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints in Greeley.

These folks are just plain clueless. Here’s a pic taken by the writer:


To illustrate how truly demented and evil these people are, one of things they were happily chanting was “Private Mackenzie got in a car – private Mackenzie didn’t get far, ha, ha”. There were only six of them though, and most of what they tried to shout was drowned out. Every time they started to speak, people on our side would say “rev ’em up!” and the bikers would have a field day.

A lot more pics at the link.


  1. I wonder how they’d feel if they were hit by an IED on their way home from the protest. They seem like such big fans.. they’d be happy, right?

  2. KTLA: a) You disagree with them. b) You call them ‘unpatriotic’. a+b = [Your logic for calling them unpatriotic] I can see right through you. Nicholas: It’s just astoundingly clueless. Like many groups such as this, though, I don’t really wish them any personal harm and I urge commenters to not write about how they wish to kill these unpatriotic folks. If we were to meet on the battlefield, however… Frank: Hah. This group does exist, though I can’t vouch for this particular set of pics. I see that they’re going to be in Ann Arbor this weekend protesting at three or four funerals and I’m seriously considering heading over to check them out. We’ve got company coming in, so I don’t know if it will work out for me. If I do, you can bet I’ll take some pics and post about it.

  3. Frank: Photoshop? Certainly possible, but the signs are one thing, photoshopping in the American flag that they are so symbolically standing on would be much more difficult, not to mention the 50 other pictures of them. What makes you say it ‘looks like PhotoShop’?

  4. Fred and his group works outta Topeka Kansas. He mainly hates homos. He is one brick short of a load. Here is a clip from a friend who had a personal run in with him and his church. ‘I personally have a had a run-in with the wonderful Fred Phelps, I was actually attending a Marilyn Manson concert (I know, I know, but you also know me, and I like anything shocking, kinda’ like a moth to a flame) and Mr(s). Phelps was there. He started yelling at me and I went over and got right up in his face and told him exactly what I thought of him and his BS church. Unbeknownst to me good ol’ channel nine was filming, luckily no one from here saw the video, not exactly the way I normally express myself. ‘ The photo is not Photoshop created. It’s his relatives and what they do. Missouri is passing legislation to prevent demonstrating at veteran’s funerals, just for him.

  5. I saw the other pictures after my first post (above). When I saw all the police officers, it made more sense. These fascist-lovers had to be hiding behind something.

  6. I never said I wanted to hurt these people or thought someone should. I was just pointing out how dumb saying stuff like ‘Thank God for IEDs’ is. As in, they wouldn’t be thanking god for the if one hit THEM, would they? If I was advocating hurting them I would say something like ‘wouldn’t it be great if someone hurt them…’. Which isn’t to say I wasn’t thinking something like that, rather I thought it was in bad taste to say so.

  7. Nicholas: Sorry. I wasn’t terribly clear. I know that you weren’t actively wishing them any harm. I just saw what you wrote and wanted to head off any follow-ups from others along the lines of ‘yeah, if they hit an IED they’d just be getting what they deserve…’. Other posts I’ve written have collected a fair number of comments specifically calling for the harming or death of these sorts of clueless idiots. The one about those white-supremacist teenage singers was the most recent, and I wanted to make clear to others that I didn’t really want that to happen again. I wasn’t specifically responding to what you wrote.

  8. As some of us here say, ‘no worries’. I just wanted to make sure nobody thought I was advocating blowing up those we disagree with. That’s a rather unreasonable way of dealing with people, as we all know quite well by now. As long as we can make them look totally stupid, I’ll be happy. Oh wait, they can do that without our help! 🙂

  9. Okay. It appears that the ‘protests’ that this bunch is planning for this weekend in Ann Arbor are not military funerals, so I won’t be heading over. As for an initial reaction of ‘this must be a photoshop’ (such as Frank might have had), it’s actually the same reaction I had when I first heard about and saw this group. I think most right-thinking people will *want* to believe that this isn’t true, mostly because it is just so senseless and hateful. It seems just incredible that someone would do something like this, and our initial reaction is one of disbelief or skepticism. I’ll tell you what: I certainly *wish* that this was a photoshop…