Setting the record straight

The White House has released two of these in the past three days, Fisking The Washington Post On Pre-War Intelligence and The New York Times Editorial on Pre-War Intelligence.

These are good releases, and I’m glad that they’re finally doing a bit more to get the word out. But the problem is that this is just that. “A bit more”. This isn’t going to get any attention unless it’s to point out errors. This is a point I’ve made in conversation a number of times when I’ve raised some of these same points and my opponent has asked “if that’s the truth, why don’t they come out and say it?” The implication seems to be that since the White House wasn’t taking the revisionists to task, they must know that the revisionists were right. But that thinking ignores the media factor.

Still, this is a good thing. I hope they keep it up and I hope they make sure that they’re honest and fair about it. There is more than enough solid material out there to make accurate and meaningful points, so I don’t see any reason for them to pull out anything too questionable or unsubstantiated.

Maybe someone at the White House has started keeping up with the blogs.


  1. I posted on this at New Wars. The bloggers have been saying this all along, but it sounds better, and more official coming from the White House. And when the President sounds out, the Old Media has to report it, whether they want to or not!