2005 Weblog Awards – Call for nominations


Kevin at Wizbang notes that the nominations phase is open for the 2005 Weblog Awards. Last year they didn’t have a military category until late in the game. Thankfully, they carried it over and there’s already some good ones in there. Go add your favorites.


  1. I nominated you for best milblog, because you’re my hero. Perfidy doesn’t fit any of those stupid categories. They need a ‘Best Charmingly Eclectic Blog’ category.

  2. Thanks, BH. I think the Ministry fits nicely in the Group Blog category, though now I don’t want to look like I’m paying you off for nominating me. Last year I nominated Airborne Combat Engineer after he had nominated me. Not as a payoff, just because I didn’t get to it sooner. But he didn’t make the cut. I doubt it was because the nomination might have looked fishy, but I don’t want to run the risk again. These sorts of things are fishy enough without honest people acting fishy… Somebody go nominate the Ministry of Minor Perfidy if you think they deserve consideration. I think they do.

  3. And before someone emails: ‘No! I don’t know why ACE isn’t posting anymore! No! I don’t know if something happened! Yes, I also hope everything’s okay. Every time I mention ACE I get a bunch of inquiries. I just don’t know.