Argghhh, mateys!

U.S. Navy EOD Team Removes Inert RPG Remnant from Cruise Liner

I had seen headlines about the unsuccessful pirate attack on the SEABOURNE SPIRIT off the coast of Somalia (where else?), but I hadn’t heard that US sailors had been involved at all.

Members of U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Mobile Unit Eight, Detachment Four were already in Seychelles to provide support to a previously scheduled port visit by USS Gonzalez. The EOD team met Seabourn Spirit at sea prior to its arrival in port.

Two RPG rounds had struck the Seabourn Spirit while the vessel evaded the pirates’ attempt to board.

It appears that the “suspected unexploded ordnance” was just part of the RPG’s motor. A good time was had by all.


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  2. Flanker: I wanted to write something along those lines, but it was getting late. Yours is better than what I was thinking of, anyway… Thanks.

  3. I hope the navy sent them a (big) bill, as this was not a US flagged ship. For decades the cruse and freight industry have been flagging ships out of third world countries to avoid US oversight. Maybe a surge in piracy is needed to remind them of the benefits of being backed by the US Navy.

  4. Mike: While I think there’s a lot of reasons why we might want to help regardless of whose flag flies or who’s on board, if it’s really a case of flagging a different nationality to avoid US regs, I agree that we should send a bill.