Screaming Eagles putting shovels to work

Weapons Cache Grows as Soldiers Keep Digging

The weapons cache stories have become so common that hardly anyone even notices any more. But I thought this one deserved a second look. An informant’s tip led soldiers from the 101st Division’s 2nd BCT to a cache that just kept on growing as they kept on digging:

As of Nov. 16, the weapons cache consisted of 150,000 7.62 rounds of ammunition, 600 propellant charges, 500 blasting caps, 400 artillery fuses, 150 hand grenades, 150 120 mm rounds, 125 rockets, 100 primer charges, 85 82 mm mortar rounds, 68 60 mm rounds, 50 plastic grenades, 35 anti-tank mines, 13 20 mm rockets, 12 RPG launchers, multiple barrels and bags of small-arms ammunition, seven missiles, seven rolls of copper wire, three 60 mm mortar systems, three 55-gallon drums of fertilizer, three rolls of detonation cord, two 82 mm mortar tubes with bases, and one 82 mm mortar system.

And they’re not done yet.