That makes a weird sort of sense…

A reader sends me this, which was on ESPN’s Page 2 and I’m now posting for some reason:

From Jason M. in Miami: “Concussions have cut short the careers of many professional athletes in recent years: Troy Aikman. Eric Lindros. And likely now Wayne Chrebet. So, here’s my question: Do you think that’s what cut short the career of B.A. Baracus and essentially brought down the entire “A-Team?” Think about it. Every time they flew somewhere, they had to knock him out to get him on the plane/helicopter. Well, after a while, you know B.A. must have been suffering some sort of postconcussion stress syndrome. I bet all those blows to his mohawked coconut pushed him and The A-Team into early retirement. Your thoughts?”

I pity the fool…


  1. Hmmm. Not only do I not remember B.A. ever being slugged to get him to sleep, I mostly remember that they used sleeping pills, injections, and hypnosis, etc., i.e., the repeated-concussion theory just doesn’t hold. The A-Team went into early retirement mostly because the Hollywood lefties (a) were wusses, (b)failed to appreciate all the smart running-gag jokes woven into the scrips, and (c) just couldn’t come up with a good, ‘at ease,’ ending to the whole story. I miss those guys…(sigh). Even though I’m a girl, I identified much more with Hannibal and/or Murdoc than I ever did with the news chick, personality-wise. And though I love the hunky Pierce Brosnan types, pretty-boy Dirk just never ‘did it’ for me. Now, if they’d just come up with a combination of baby-blue-eyes Hannibal and the hilariously smart Murdoc,…)

  2. HEY man! B.A. was not afraid of nuthin! And nuthin’s gonna knock him out either FOOL!! – 😉 Seriously now Murdoc: you ought to consider starting some section on the A-Team: that would be fun. A-Team ROCKS!!