UPDATE: Strykers on watch

Found this pic at American Border Patrol of Strykers watching the Mexican border:


They both appear to be the M1127 reconnaissance variant, which mounts the Raytheon Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3). According to Military Information Technology:

The 115-pound sight sensor, which can be operated in either ground-mount or vehicle-mount configurations, incorporates second generation forward looking infrared (FLIR) with day video camera. The 8 to 12 micron FLIR features both wide field of view and narrow field of view with additional 2X and 4X electronic zoom.

The day video camera also has wide and narrow fields of view. An eye-safe laser rangefinder provides range information in excess of 10 km, with precision of far target location equal to a 60 meter CEP [circular error probable] at 10 km.

Along with the standoff intelligence gathering capabilities provided by LRAS3, the Reconnaissance Troop squads are unique in that each squad includes organic human intelligence capabilities at the tactical level.

The Strykers have returned to Ft. Lewis. Murdoc says send more troops to the border. Even if they do nothing more than conduct surveillance operations, they are a great force multiplier for the Border Patrol and will pick up experience that might come in handy along other borders in other dry and dusty corners of the world.

I’m a Bush voter, but there’s no doubt he’s really blown it on this issue. Let’s hope it doesn’t blow up in his face. Or anyone else’s face, as the case would be.

You never know who might be trying to sneak in.


  1. Screen lines are a classic doctrinal Cav/Recon mission, and as you said, it’s good training. There’s Marine Recon in San Diego and NC…and the LRS company in the 10th Mtn, 82d, 101st, and 25ID, plus III Corps and XVIII Corps. (I Corps LRS company is MN NG, and V Corps’ is still in Germany.)