What? I thought mothers knew best…

Soldier demands mother keeps mum over war

A mother has abandoned her campaign to get British troops home from Iraq in time for Christmas after being told to shut up by her embarrassed son.

Yvonne Gordon, 42, from Aberdeen, spoke out against the “illegal” war at a rally this month, just weeks after her 19-year-old son was deployed to Iraq. But now her son, Sammy Stewart, a private serving with the Gordon Highlanders in Basra, has asked her to keep quiet because she is embarrassing him.

Sammy joined up at her encouragement. (via FR)


  1. Makes you wonder what Casey Sheehan would say to his mother right now. My guess is a 15-minute profanity laced tirade.

  2. Bram: The fact is we don’t know what Casey Sheehan would say. I suspect that I have a pretty good idea, based upon his actions, and I would guess that you and I suspect the same thing. But we don’t know and there’s nothing we can do about that. The problem with the Sheehan thing, at least until she came out of the closet as a total crackpot, was that WE DIDN’T KNOW and WE COULDN’T POSSIBLY KNOW if the mother was right or not. So we were subjected to endless ‘the mother MUST be right because she’s his mother’ absolute moral authority blathering. Now this story shows us that all the guys who have gone ‘my parents had better not pull any of that bu!!sh*t if I get killed’ also have a point and that ‘what mothers say might not always be the case’. Apparently, that moral authority isn’t as absolute as some would have had us believe.

  3. Yep – unfortunately Specialist Sheehan didn’t write it down. I will be sure to write the ‘no B.S.’ phrase into my will if I’m deployed again. Maybe the military should make it a box you can check off on the standard will.

  4. I dont think that story got covered much here in the UK. But I shall have to see, maybe I will hear about it when I go home for Christmas… btw which is in Aberdeen 😛