US invaded on Thursday?

Armed standoff on Rio Grande

Via the Cryptic Subterranean comes this World Net Daily report:

U.S. Border Patrol agents were backed down this week by armed men, dressed in what appeared to be Mexican military uniforms and carrying military weapons, who seized a captured dump truck filled with marijuana from the U.S. agents and dragged it across the border into Mexico with a bulldozer.

Border Patrol agents pulled over a truck full of pot, but the driver escaped across the river. Texas State Troopers and members of the county Sherrif’s department arrived and they all began unloading the haul, which was estimated to be around three tons. But

According to Hudspeth County Chief Deputy Mike Doyal, the dump truck driver returned with armed men, some of whom drove “official looking vehicles with overhead lights.” Some of those armed, Doyal told the El Paso Times, appeared to be Mexican soldiers in uniform with military weapons.

Someone with a bulldozer arrived soon after and hauled the truck into Mexico. There are reports that anti-drug commandos trained by the US have flipped and now work for the drug cartels.

And get this:

“We are very fortunate … no one got hurt. Everyone had the presence of mind not to cause an international incident, or start shooting.”

I’m very curious to know what’s behind that “…”. Because, from here, it appears that the international incident had already been caused. I’m not suggesting that it was the duty of these law enforcement officers to give their lives in a hopeless attempt to keep the truck. If they were clearly outgunned, they probably did the right thing. But then we need the military on the border.

This is not acceptable. But don’t expect much. After all, what did we do when they were shooting at our guys?


  1. I wonder if those Mexican soldiers were the Zetas, the group we trained as anti-drug special forces who promptly sold their new found skills to the drug lords.

  2. U.S. Southern Border Invaded by Mexican ‘Commandos’ Thursday. Film at Eleven.’ Or so MSM might say if they reportd this at all. says nada.

  3. We have had some military on the New Mexico border. The 101st was there for two months recently utilizing the desert area as a training ground while backing up the Border Patrol. A small start but an action that needs to be expanded. On May 1997 young Ezequiel Hernandez was killed in Texas when he fired his 22 rifle at Marines supporting the interdiction of smugglers. I suggest this incident remains in the mind of government officials and helps maintain their mindset about not putting troops on the border.