Happy Thanksgiving

Murdoc wishes all his readers a fine Thanksgiving.

It’s snowing and blowing pretty good here, so I’m thankful we’re not headed anywhere today. I’ll probably post a bit later, but no guarantees.

If you’re traveling, be safe.

Meanwhile, the mission continues:

(Pic from Frontline Photos)

Keep our men and women in uniform, especially those deployed to the dangerous places of the world, in mind as we gather and celebrate.


  1. Thanks Murdoc! We don’t have Thanksgiving here but I’m eating turkey, avocado and tomato sandwiches as a gesture of solidarity. That, and when I started reading about Thankgiving I suddenly started craving turkey!

  2. Off-topic: You may want to change your Fourth Rail link to ThreatsWatch.org as Bill has shut down Fourth Rail and will be posting there instead. Or maybe you want to feature both temporarily, as there are still many relevant posts on Fourth Rail, and remove it as it falls out of relevancy.