Friday Linkzookery – 02 Dec 2005

Police Training Tightrope in Iraq – Watch Out
Must-read at Counterterrorism Blog. Things are going okay, but all isn’t necessarily well.

Kiss may have been fatal for Quebec teen
She was allergic to peanuts. He ate peanut butter. Unbelievable.

Traveller 2300 AD: The Canon on CD-ROM
My first role playing game was the Little Black Book original version of Traveller. I never played Traveller 2300, but I always thought it looked sorta cool.

Just weird. I’m all for not promoting cigarettes to kids and all, but this is eerie. Just get a different picture.

Urban Legends About the Iraq War
Your mileage may vary.

Warren County Community College adjunct English professor John Daly. But don’t you dare question his patriotism.

Soldiers ‘enhanced’ by battle
Not only do some “grow” from their experiences, but mental health problems might be rarer than thought.

Fahrenheit 1861
Via Dean.

Protesters at Yokosuka rally against U.S. plans
A nuclear-powered carrier will be forward-based in Japan (they’ve already given permission) when the Kitty Hawk retires in 2008.

C-17 planes herald new era at Hickam
With a Stryker brigade getting ready to form up, you can bet that one 8-plane squadron will not be the end of C-17s coming to Hawaii.

CEV HLV Upper Stage Engine (11/26/2005 entry)
This baby will be based on the Rocketdyne J-2s of Apollo fame. I think earlier they were talking about using a Centaur upper stage for this, but I might have misunderstood. No doubt. whatever the plan is today, it will change about 150 times between now and the first flight.

What’s the buzz? Teens can’t stand it
This would be so useful that it cannot possibly be real.

Ted Rall: Sex Life of Iraqi War Vets
Screw him.

They want us to fail
No, no, no…They just want an open discussion. Just like Ted Rall.

The New York Times on Iraq, 1993-2005 Pt. 1
An extensive, in-depth report on the evolution of the stance toward Iraq held by the NYT’s editorial page. Pt. 2 is here. I have just skimmed it so far. Amazing. (via The Glittering Eye)

Subscriptions for Soldiers
Very cool.

Shark Tank Blog
From time to time I’ve pointed out stories from the Shark Tank. Now Sharky’s got a blog.

Finland Celebrates 10 Years of Flying the Hornet
They own one F/A-18 for every 15,600 residents. It’s like the Finnish national bird, or something…

Mercury astronaut’s ashes going to space
Gordon Cooper on same memorial mission as ‘Star Trek’ engineer. “Go, ‘Hot Dog’, go!”

King Kong 2-Disc Collector’s Edition
The original, Lost Spider Sequence and all. Peter Jackson’s new version, I’ve got to admit, looks good.

Thermobaric Weapons Becoming More Common

Calling all Catamarans
You all know Murdoc likes these babies.

SEAL sub program scaled back
Tests with the ASDS1 minisub haven’t gone so well. Hulls 2 and 3 have been cancelled. The ASDS would have operated off of the SSGN cruise missile subs.

‘Thank A Soldier Week’ begins on the 19th
Send a message or make a donation.


  1. I don’t know about that ‘Mosquito’ thing. I’m 27 and I have pretty good high end hearing (I try to take care of my ears). Those ultrasonic pest control products drive me CRAZY. I tell people how annoying the sound is and they say ‘what sound?’ I’m sure high frequency response degrades as we get older, but some of us start with more than others, and we don’t all degrade at the same rate. So I’m not so sure it can easily be aimed only at teenagers. I’ve had situations where sounds have driven me away from something. Last time was when I walked into an EB store in the city here and the TVs they had advertising their products were so loud I couldn’t stand it and had to leave. Not a very effective way of attracting customers IMO…

  2. Heartless Lib: I searched for PBXN-113, because the ‘Aluminized’ made me suspicious, and found this:

    In October 2001,a decision was made to weaponize PBXIH-135 (now PBXN-113),a plastic-bonded explosive with thermobaric properties developed in the mid-1990s by Indian Head scientist Erwin Anderson at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Indian Head Division.

    PDF The reason I was suspicious is that Aluminium is a good explosive (used in rockets, for example) but unless it’s in an oxizied form, or the explosive contains oxidizers, it’s going to need an external source of oxygen to burn. Hence, air and therefore thermobaric.