You don’t say, Pt. 2

Border Security an Issue for GOP

President Bush is apparently going to announce a new anti-illegal immigration policy this week. Some fear (or hope) that a crackdown might split the Republican party. I hope it doesn’t, but I dont think party unity is an acceptable justification to continue our near-negligence along the Mexican border.

I think a sensible immigration policy could really strengthen the GOP. And I would support increased limits on the numbers of legal immigrants. Significant increases, even. And I only ask two things for this: adherence to current laws regarding illegal immigrants already in the US and stepped-up security to prevent more from arriving. As I’ve said previously, I envision stepped-up security to involve military forces in some capacity, though this isn’t necessarily required.

If the GOP doesn’t get serious about illegal immigration, they risk losing my vote. And if they lose my vote on this issue, I will do my best to convince others to agree with me.

I fully support our military action in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other corners of the globe. I truly believe that direct attacks on terrorists and destruction of those that support them or facilitate their activity is an important part of a winning strategy in this war.

But the border must be secure. Ours is not. Who cares if we kill more of Zarqawi’s top lieutenants in Iraq if some fanatic can walk into our cities untouched and unseen? (via RightNation)


  1. If the President continues to push for a guest worker program it must require that illegal aliens return to their homeland to participate. The idea of a fine being sufficient punishment for coming to the U.S. illegally is simply a nonstarter. President Bush needs to show a sincere determination to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border. This requires more resources for catching illegal aliens and punishing them after they are caught. It also requires that those that employ illegal aliens must be punished. Just as importantly all levels of government must treat illegal aliens as criminals. They must be detained when found, not supported. The plan also should include incentives for Mexico to make at least some effort to discourage illegal crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Senator Specter’s proposal to massively increase legal immigration could be part of meaningful immigration reform, but only with a determined effort to control the border and punish those that come here illegally as well as those that support them.