History is written by the vanquished

Iraq Endgame- Let’s win the narrative

Uncle Jimbo on Blackfive:

We have entered the end game in Iraq and now the most important battle is no longer whether democracy and freedom prevail there, but how will we and the world view this conflict, and more importantly US power overall.

The opposition and their media have made no bones that they consider it a stinging defeat in a conflict predicated on lies, and that all the casualties were in vain. Aside from it’s outrageous detachment from reality, it is a narrative we cannot allow to stand.

There is a scene in Heartbreak Ridge, where the moron officer tells Gunny Highway and Chewy that their generation of Marines is 0-1-1, with a tie in Korea and a loss in Vietnam. Given the opportunity, the left/media would love to hang a loss or a tie on W and the whole idea of US military power. If they can create a loss in popular opinion they gain all of the casualties as martyrs to their belief that the employment of US power is fundamentally wrong.

Many critics of Bush and the invasion of Iraq will vehemently deny that they are trying to do any such thing. Some of them might even be telling the truth. A few of them, anyway.

To those who don’t believe that anyone would try to spin a victory into a defeat with deeper political and social meaning, Murdoc submits Exhibit ‘A’:


Most people simply accept as fact that this image represents America’s lies and mismanagement. I’ve had many debates about it in the comments sections on this site.

When US troops begin coming home, when we stand down as the Iraqis stand up, many will pretend that either A) we’re just getting out and declaring victory or B) it wasn’t worth it. Rep. Murtha’s call for a “redeployment” states very clearly that US forces are not accomplishing anything in Iraq so we should get out (option ‘A’). Those that maintain our losses or expenditures have been in vain (option ‘B’), of course, are legion.

We will spend the rest of our lives hearing people tell us how we lost in Iraq. It’s pathetic.


  1. I don’t get what makes anybody think that ‘Mission Accomplished’ means ‘we’ve finished here and everyone can go home now’. Last time I checked, a campaign was a series of missions. Not one, many. So when you finish one mission, you typically start on the next, unless it was the last mission of the campaign. So, finishing a mission is a milestone and if it was an important mission, worthy of drawing attention to. But saying ‘mission accomplished’ is not the same as saying ‘war over’. Is that really so hard to understand?

  2. but you have lost the war in iraq’ your army or any other army could never win in iraq. Let them sort it out for themselves

  3. but you have lost the war in iraq’ your army or any other army could never win in iraq. Let them sort it out for themselves’ Sorry dave addison, It ain’t over till the bearded man swings!

  4. Hmm, define ‘lose’. Just like ‘torture’, ‘chemical weapon’ and ‘lie’, certain people like to use flexible definitions of these words. The definition varies to be whatever supports their agenda the best. By my standards, we’re winning, but I suppose it’s possible to concoct some scenario in which it might be possible to lose. I’m sure whatever the eventual outcome is, that will be defined by certain people as being a loss.

  5. Nicholas, My personal pet peeve regarding flexible definitions is ‘fascist’. I’d like to start a fund drive to buy all the moonbats fucking dictionaries, so at least they know what the words they use mean. G

  6. Geeklethal: Fair enough. Whenever I read ‘fascist’ I think ‘Mussolini’ although he probably isn’t really the best example. He was one of the less reprehensible fascists, although his decision to side with the Nazis was a rather low point. One of my favorite bits of The Onion’s ‘Our Dumb Century’ collection is the headline which goes something like ‘Italian Offensive Loses Momentum as Troops Run Out of Espresso’. Hint: Never buy something made in Italy unless it’s a fashion accessory. Even then it will probably fall apart. Yes, this includes cars and even Espresso machines…

  7. Yes indeed. I hear the food in Italy is even better than the Italian food we get here, which is itself pretty good. I can’t for the life of me work out why people eat Pizza Hut when you can get *good* pizza from an Italian restaurant.

  8. Besides Italian things, people have warned me in the past to eschew anything mechanical that’s made in Britain. The core sentiment is best expressed as this joke: Why don’t they make computers in Britain? Because they can’t figure a way to make oil leak out of them.

  9. You guys are wrong about the Italians. Their art is fantastic and never breaks, their great buildings have been standing for centuries, they make great furniture and the espresso machines manufactured in Florence by La Marzocco are the best in the world and real workhorses. I would agree that buying an Italian car is almost as bad an idea as buying one made by the French.