Privateers off of Somalia?

Private US firm to patrol Somali waters?

EagleSpeak notes this:

Transitional Federal Government of Somalia on Friday signed an agreement with a US-based maritime security firm to protect and control its territorial waters.

The two-year agreement signed by Somali Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Hassan Abshir Farah and Peter Casini, President of Topcat Marine Security, will help fight terrorism, curb illegal fishing and combat pirates, who have used speed boats, automatic weapons and satellite phones to target UN-chartered ships and other vessels.

“The comprehensive agreement will create a maritime security program to protect and control all Somali waters within its exclusive economic zone,” said Farah after signing the deal in Nairobi.

“This agreement includes the creation of five coastal security bases including advanced communications equipment, high speed patrol boats, ground vehicles, and several helicopters to patrol the entire Somalia coastline and its territorial waters,” he said.

The piracy situation in that area has pretty much gone out of control. To be honest, I’ve been a little surprised that the US Navy hasn’t been more involved. Though don’t forget that EOD team that responded to RPG fire on a cruise ship recently. (via The Military Outpost)

UPDATE: Plus Apparently paid off, Pirates Release Ukrainian Ship Seized Near Somalia