Big spectacle tonight in D.C.

Game Preview: Jets at Redskins

The 2003 NFL season kicks off tonight as the Jets take on the Redskins. Last season began on a Thursday night in New York in memory of the World Trade Center attacks. I’m not sure if the selection of Washington was also due to 9/11, but it definitely is fitting.

In another example of supreme marketing know-how, the country’s most popular sports league is launching its season again on a Thursday, featuring stars singing in front of national monuments on the Washington Mall, two marquee-city teams that tussled over players in the offseason and a lightning rod owner the country loves to hate…
“Marketing is a big part of any league,” Washington Redskins coach Steve Spurrier said. “And the NFL’s done it better than anybody else.”…
To that effect, the game nearly gets swallowed up in the hype of the three-hour Britney Spears-Aerosmith-Mary J. Blige-Aretha Franklin concert — the last hour gets live network coverage.

I haven’t seen any coverage of security for either the concerts or the game, but you can bet it will be there in force.