More on the border

Michelle Malkin’s gat a great post with tons of links: BACK TO THE BORDER. She noted in a recent article:

[A]s illegal immigration continues unabated, the White House has seen fit to honor the chief of the Border Patrol, David Aguilar, with a presidential “Meritorious Executive” award, which comes with a cash bonus, for his outstanding performance. I kid you not.

I just cannot understand why more people don’t care about this situation.

I also meant to point out this last week but didn’t get around to it: Border Patrol forced to negotiate tough terrain:

Increased enforcement in San Diego and El Paso, Texas, has squeezed border crossers into less hospitable corridors, including deserts where hundreds die each year. The Otay Mountains are not the deadliest point along the 2,000-mile border, but they are treacherous.

Dehydration threatens as summer temperatures race past 100; hypothermia is a danger during winter. Broken wrists and twisted ankles are common and it’s easy to get lost on the lattice of trails. In the last year, 23 migrants have been reported dead in the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector, which includes Otay (pronounced OH-tie).

Look, I don’t want to sound like a heartless jerk, but I don’t have a lot of sympathy, here. The article is about the Border Patrol’s Air Mobile unit, and they’ve got to patrol these places because people insist on trying to break the law there.


  1. I live less than 12 miles from the Mexican border in Arizona. Last year the Border Patrol caught more than 175,000 illegal immigrants in our county. That’s more than the population of the county, which is about 115,000! And the 175,000 represents only the ones caught – who knows how many made it through, or died in the desert and were never found? This isn’t a trickle, folks, it’s a flood.

  2. Well short of another 9/11 envent that can be pinned on illegles comming accross the border, we are never going to put real resources to guard it. 1) 2000 miles of nothing is hard to guard. 2) We make whole lot of money off of the illegals. The only real way to secure the border to is to lift the mexican economy so the disparity in income is not so great. Last time I checked, the Canadians were not swamping our border. (well other then thier singers)

  3. The real power behind the republican party-big business, needs cheap labor. If want to know where all those mexicans go, come to Chicago. I spend half my day visting small, medium and some large businesses. 90% of the employees are mexican. After returning from a vacation I saw a guy who said that I lucky to get a vacation. I asked him why his company did not give him a vacation. He said that he did not actually work for the company, but a temp agency that took a dollar from his miniminum wage of $5.15. How many Americans can get to work for less that five dollars an hour?

  4. torck’s got it hit. GW nearly gagged in his speech when he hit the part about ‘helping buisiness obey the law.’ Just visit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website and see what they have to say about immigration… the spin will make you dizzy. The issue is far larger than putting a few more trucks by a fence (the whole demand and supply thing…economics, yadda yadda) or flying a few jumpers back to their homes in Mexico City (which, by the way, is a dumb program… I’m essentially paying for a ticket on Mexicana so somebody has to take a bus ride back to the border, rather than wait half a day to jump again. The sucking sound indeed.). I’m curious as to what part Dubya wants to help employers out with… now, are you sure you’re here legally. Allrightythen, let’s get to work. ‘Officer, I wanted to obey the speed limit… but it’s hard. I just need a little help with this whole gas peadal and speedometer thing.’ Aww, that’s so sweet.

  5. Torcik: I’m not really arguing with your point, but why are you telling us about the Windy City? Chicago–that bastion of Republican power and influence…