I was just reading about this on the front page of the NYT

Strategy Page: Experienced Troops Returning to Service

I’m getting a little tired of hearing about this:

In 2004, the army got 8,246 troops, who had recently gotten out, to sign up for another tour of duty. That’s up from 4,565 in 2003. This year, the trend continues, with the help of cooperative recruiters, and cash bonuses (up to $19,000) if you have a skill that is in high demand right now.

Between all this coverage plastered everywhere and all the talk about the high retention rates, especially among combat units, I’m afraid that typical Americans might not even be aware that recruiting new soldiers, especially into the Guards and Reserves, has been struggling of late.


  1. The report agress with what I’m seeing at my National Guard Unit. Lots of experienced guys coming back or staying in. Some recently out of active Army sign up to avoid the IRR which is an almost automatic recall and deployment these days. Not many new fresh recruits. Why join the Reserves just to be deployed? Those that are gung ho and want to be deployed would just go active duty.