Rummy nails it

Here’s a snippet from the briefing I posted about earlier that I thought deserved its own mention. Rumsfeld was asked about accusations that the US doesn’t have enough troops in Iraq. Here’s part of his response:

It is the Iraqis’ country, 28 million of them. They are perfectly capable of running that country. They’re not going to run it the way you would or I would or the way we do here in this country, but they’re going to run it. And to suggest that every single thing that needs to be done in this country — “Oh, the infrastructure’s imperfectly protected; the Americans should do that, you don’t have enough people to do that.” Nonsense. We shouldn’t have enough people to do that. It’s the Iraqis’ infrastructure. They’re the ones who are going to suffer if the infrastructure isn’t protected. “The borders can’t be protected.” Well, we can’t protect our own border. [emphasis mine]

A lot of people don’t like Rumsfeld because he sometimes talks without thinking his words through very carefully. In this day and age, I don’t think that’s a bug…it’s a feature.

Of course, maybe slipping that in there is a clever Rovian ploy designed to lay the groundwork for the GOP making border security a major political issue leading up to next year’s elections. We can always hope.