I’ve been hearing this all week already…

Bush Speech a Failure

Red State points out that tomorrow’s speech at the Naval Academy is already being lambasted by, well, pretty much everyone.

Tomorrow night Bush will either announce the conditions are being met that will allow a withdrawal of some American forces from Iraq in which case he will finally have bowed to the realism of Biden and Murtha… or he will not announce anything that can be roughly attributed as laying the groundwork for a US withdrawal in which case Bush is still in the thrall of the neo-cons and is too stubborn to see that his party is deserting him over Iraq… or he will announce something that can be interpreted as portending US troops withdrawals but he will not pose the answer to a raft of thorny issues associated with the withdrawal in which case Bush is succumbing to plans of arch-puppetmeister Karl Rove and just making a hollow political gesture aimed at salvaging 2006 for the Republicans.

Never mind that for over a year Bush has been saying “As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.”

Never mind that for over a year the increasing proficiency of the Iraqi security forces has made in from the accounts of pseudonymous milbloggers into the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post.

Never mind that quietly the security of 14 of 18 provinces as well as most of Baghdad and large swaths of the Sunni Triangle have been turned over to Iraqi forces in the past year.

This is just another in a long series of failures.

I was going to write about how Kaplan in Slate and others were already slamming the speech, but this is far better than what I was going to write.

And: What pseudonymous milbloggers have been covering the increasing proficiency of the Iraqi security forces for a year?


  1. Am I the only one who has stopped watching any type of national mainstream news? I’m a Soldier, when you commit to a fight – you see it through to the end. To do otherwise invites disaster. Looking back may be educational but you can’t change the past, just deal with it. The Dems – and some Republicans, seem unable to see this thing through. Scoring political points is more important to them than winning. Their problem is that too many of them voted for the war and talked tough about Saddam a few years ago. The solution to their dilemma – Bush lied! Doesn’t matter if they sit on the Intelligence Committee (and maybe even attend an occasional meeting), doesn’t matter how much enriched uranium or poison gas is found – we were misled! No need to propose any alternatives – Cheney lied too! The allegation that Bush lied apparently releases them from all responsibility for their actions and allows them to revert to their natural state – draft card burning Hippies. Yuck. Since more Hippies staff the mainstream media, they willingly cooperate with this scheme. I wonder what the ratings are for the national news shows are these days. Can’t most people see the naked politics behind this drivel?