Osama bin Buired?

Worse things could happen, I guess.

I still don’t really get Open Source Media / Pajamas Media, but here I am linking to them for the second time in less than a week: Reid: Osama bin Dead

It’s a collection of links and quotes by those wondering if maybe Reid’s lips are a bit loose. Since we don’t know for sure whether we know for sure, it’s hard to know for sure. My guess is that I favor far more government/military secret-keeping than nearly all of my non-military readers, but I hope that even those who want more visibility of what’s going on can understand why, if the government and the military wanted this kept a secret, that it should have stayed a secret.

Yes, maybe the Bush administration was saving it for a special politics-based reason. That’s really pretty crappy. Of course, maybe there was a tactical or strategic reason with measurable value (i.e., lives saved) behind the decision to not announce it.

Or maybe the whole thing is a total crock.


  1. Reid was referring to stories on NPR, so any loose lips allegations fall pretty flat. Anyone in the U.S. with a radio, and anyone in the world with an internet connection could have heard the same story that he was referring to.

  2. How to accidentally give away classified information: 1) Wait until someone clever speculates about the subject of the classified information. 2) If they accidentally hit right on the mark, immediately initiate a cover-up operation. 3) Do it in such a clumsy way that it’s obvious to everyone you’re trying to cover it up, and thus the speculation was correct. 4) ???? 5) Profit!