Second Iraqi governorate ready to be turned over

Iraqi 2nd Army Brigade Ready to Take Over Babil Province

iraqicontrol2.jpgThe new Iraqi army is about to assume responsibility for security in the Babil Province (red):

From now on, 2nd Brigade will plan and conduct independent operations within its area of responsibility, officials said. Multinational division support will be given only in emergencies by a quick-reaction force, medical evacuation or air support. Multinational division military advisers and trainers will still monitor 2nd Brigade activities, officials said.

The 2nd Brigade consists of two battalions located in different places within the province. It numbers about 1,800 soldiers equipped in light armored vehicles with a variety of weapons. The brigade has taken part in five combat operations so far in cooperation with coalition forces.

This is the second governorate to be turned over to Iraqi forces. The first, Diyala (yellow) was turned over in early August.

Staying the course.


  1. FWIW the Kurds have had pretty much total control of the four provinces in the NE for the entire duration, and the majority of the provinces in the SE have been under the light supervision of primarily British and coalition forces. Unfortunately, that still leaves the hotspots that U.S. troops are stationed in a long way from law and order.

  2. That’s a great point ohwilleke. Hopefully we’ll see an official hand-over soon, but while we appreciate the Kurdish Peshmerga, we can’t hand it off to a militia as such. I’d expect a number of hand-overs, both north and south, in the coming months, though. I’m keeping my little map ready. for updates…