Democracy first…then hockey

Bringing hockey to war zone could boost morale

The Alaska Aces and the Ben Boeke Ice Arena in Anchorage are donating some hockey equipment to the troops in the 172nd brigade:

“In talking with my son about what do you miss most about Alaska, he says ‘I miss skating, I miss hockey,’ and so kind of one thing led to another,” said John Miller.

The 172nd is the third Stryker brigade, and they’ll be in Iraq until next fall.

Still, Miller says his son tells him morale is high and could improve further once the hockey gear arrives. It is clear many of these soldiers are hockey fans.

[Aces general manager Terry] Parks showed an e-mail from Chief Warrant Officer Ron O’Donnell who listens to the Aces games over the Internet. The e-mail says, “This series, Aces vs. Steelheads, has been a great one. Unfortunately, I’ll be conducting a raid on some not so good guys during Game 3 of the series. If all is well, we’ll be back in time for the final period and post game.