Defending America from a hole in the ground

The Silent Sentinels

Missile silos? That’s so World War III.

Nevertheless, we’ve still got guys on watch. MO noted the retirement of the final MX Missile in September, but the Minuteman IIIs are still poised for action. Sort of a “Don’t mess with America” system, and I’m thankful for it.

Meanwhile, I that Titan I complex near Denver has been marked down to $1.295 million. Then there’s this: Reluctant landowners buy former silo plots.

Go read the Officer’s Club post.


  1. Hmm, I read the title as ‘Defending America from [becoming] a hole in the ground’. But now I think you meant it literally; those people live in a hole in the ground! Interesting… Unfortunately, I think nuclear deterrence is going to be here to stay, at least for a while 🙁 Until the American public can generate enough support to take care of Iran, Syria and North Korea and until China can get its act together :I

  2. This post reminded me of something. I used to live right near and abandoned Nike base, in Montgomer Village, MD. Strangely, many of these bases, which ring many major cites were just abandoned. They just emptied out all the equipment, locked the gate, and left! Since then, they have been overgrown with bushes. The one in my neigborhood had a middle-class suburban managed community grow up around it. Most of the undergound concrete structures, missile elevators, and control rooms were still there. If you are reading this post, go check one out. They were positioned around 35 major US cites. Chances are there is one very near you. What’s amazing is that many of the people who lived around these missile batteries while they were active had no idea what was going on inside. They just thought it was some sort of military compound. But after further research, I came to find out that the later version of Nike-Hurcules carried a nuclear warhead, and during the Cuban Missile Crisis they actually had armed nuclear weapons mounted on the launch rails at one of the sites in Rockville, MD, which is probably 10 miles from DC. Now it is behind a video store at a strip mall! The property is owned by NIST and they use the Magzine to do fire research. Amazing story!!!

  3. Murdoc thinks one of these bases would make a great ‘Blogging Bunker’. If you guys will buy one for me and support me financially, I’ll double my posting. Triple it. I take Pay Pal.