I’m sorry, that’s completely pathetic and then some

I didn’t even post on the MoveOn.org Thankgiving commercial thing. I mean, is anyone surprised that the anti-war anti-victory anti-Bush crowd doesn’t know the first thing about the US military?

But then they tried to cover it up. What morons.

As a Wizbang reader comments:

Only Moveon Morons(TM) could write a propaganda ad about the US military in Iraq and manage to not find a picture of US military personnel in Iraq–despite there being 150,000 of them.

Then they doctor the photo? They don’t even know how to backpeddle without tripping over themselves.

When I looked at it last night, it was back to the original (shorts) version. At the time, I hadn’t realized that they’d tried switching.

Now it’s gone. What morons. Only more so.