USS San Antonio sails today

Northrop Grumman-Built San Antonio (LPD 17) to Leave Pascagoula Shipyard, Ready for Texas Commissioning

The troubled amphibious transport dock ship is headed to the Lone Star state for a January 14th commissioning at Ingleside.

“This ship represents the future of our U.S. Naval fighting forces,” said Philip Teel, president of Northrop Grumman’s Ship Systems sector. “LPD 17’s multiple expeditionary functions, her improved survivability and combat readiness and the many quality-of-life upgrades result in a ship that will provide a formidable addition to the expeditionary force.

“This crew, along with our shipbuilders, rode LPD 17 through Hurricane Katrina while dockside and relied upon her capabilities during one of the worst natural disasters in our nation’s memory,” Teel continued. “LPD 17’s departure represents a significant milestone and accomplishment in our company’s road to recovery.”

The sihp’s construction has been marred by problems. Let’s hope that they’ve been worked out satisfactorily.

Capt. Jonathan M. Padfield, a native of Salt Lake City, is San Antonio‘s commanding officer. “I have been an amphibious sailor for the majority of my 22 years of naval service,” said Capt. Padfield. “This is the ship we have been dreaming about and looking forward to for years. This ship combines an increased Marine Corps footprint and supportability function with 21st-century technology. This platform, along with her sister ships and remarkably trained sailors and marines, will win wars.”

The specs on the LPD-17 class certainly look good. The USS New York, which made the news when steel from the Word Trade Center was used as part of her keel, is the fifth ship in the class.

Here’s a pic of one of the 30mm Mk46 Mo1 systems being installed on the USS San Antonio. Here are some pics of the Pascagoula shipyard right after Katrina. A good shot of the San Antonio and some other ships in various stages of construction.