From this comes the stuff of ‘Level 1’

U.S. Helps Set Up Iraqi Military Logistics Capability

I noted this in a post back in October. A national Army logistcs huyb in Tajik will support five regional logistics units. Each regional unit will supply two divisions. Back in October I questioned the “ten division” claim, but noted that it might be the long-term plan. It is.

“All five of those regional support units are built and in various stages of preparation to become self-reliant,” [Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq chief Lt. Gen. Martin E] Dempsey said.

Dempsey said the supply link to Iraqi tactical units will be provided by 10 motor transport regiments. The transport regiments will be comprised of hundreds of trucks, Dempsey said, that deliver supplies down to headquarters and support companies at the battalion level.

All the logistics headquarters and support companies will be set up by April 2006, Dempsey said. Afterward the motor transport regiments will be trained up and fielded, he said. Dempsey said most of those units’ equipment will be on hand in the next six months.

“Then, it’s a matter of training the logisticians,” Dempsey said. The Iraqi Army’s Service Support Institute in Tajik recently graduated its 1,000th Iraqi soldier, he said.

It is this sort of thing that sets ‘Level 1’ units apart from ‘Level 2’ units. Not terribly exciting, but a big part of getting the new Iraqi army into position to do most of the heavy lifting.