Friday Linkzookery – 09 Dec 2005 – UPDATED!

Air Force gun trucks deliver the goods
“An armored-up truck with a .50-caliber machine gun on top is an intimidating instrument, but the most powerful weapon is the Airmen’s attitude.”

Kyrgyzstan pushes U.S. to pay more for airbase
Now that we’re out of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan sees an opportunity for some quick USD?

New AFRL technology to help air transportation pilots
Helping the cargo carriers get anywhere anytime in any conditions.

Navy to Base First Littoral Combat Ship in San Diego

USS Charlotte Achieves Milestone During Under-Ice Transit
She surfaced through 61 inches of ice to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stressed by compressed media files
I’m a .wma guy, myself. 128 kps .wma slaughters 128 kps .mp3. But it’s far from perfect.

Via Jerry at Milblog.

Confessions of a Deathbeast
James Rummel reposts an excellent essay on shooters and why they are shooters.

Top Thirty Facts about Chuck Norris
My favorite: “If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can’t see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.” via Michael Williams.

Long wars and lasting results
Donald Sensing…ahead of his time.

Zero-gravity sports are close to reality

UPDATE: Fresh Linkzookery below the fold.

It’s All About Gas
Germany’s former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder apparently has a new boss: Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Iraqis Want Coalition Vocabulary Change
“Sunni insurgents” is out. “Saddamists” is in.

“Our School”
Joanne Jacobs’ new book is out. Also available on Amazon. She notes a review by Education Gadfly on her site.

Task Force Baghdad Readies for Dec. 15 Iraqi Elections
This release uses “Saddamists” and the Coalition-preferred “Iraqi rejectionists”. It does not use the word “insurgents”.

Final Design Review for Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft
Meant to note that the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is moving ahead on a previous Linkzookery but missed it.

GTMO OSCE Representative Invitation
A rep from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is going to be granted access to the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay. Won’t matter. The Pope could visit and like it, but we’d just keep seeing three-year old pictures of temporary Camp X-Ray.

US General Says Airlines Will Pick Up Slack For DoD Cargo
I guess this makes sense. I love the C-17, but we don’t need C-17s for everyday cargo hauling. They’re especially for getting in and out of the tough spots. If we can work to “save” them a bit more for that sort of thing and utilize non-specialized carriers for general stuff, I guess fewer C-17s for more tankers makes more sense. Besides, most airlines could use a bump in business.

Lockheed in U.S. Airship Deal
The High-Altitude Airship is apparently a go. Blimps are cool.

First Production Stryker NBC Reconnaissance Vehicles
The first two Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Recon variant Strykers have been delivered. They won’t enter full-rate production until late 2007. I think the Stryker brigades have been using Fox NBC recon vehicles in the meantime, but I’m not even sure if they took NBC vehicles to Iraq. Anyone?

ASDS Woes & Electric Boat Layoffs Leading to Rebidding Pressure
Not a good time to be a sub builder. See this Defense Industry Daily story for more.

Chart Shows Variation In Solar Power Available For Mars Rovers
Dust cuts into efficiency, but luckily wind cleans them off a bit from time to time. Interesting.

Thank a Soldier Week (December 19-25)
Go add your two cents.

Yamato to revive Japanese pride
“Yamato: The Last Battle” is a film about the great ship’s demise. They built a 2/3-sized replica of the ship for filming. That’s more navy than most nations have. If the 18.1″ guns (12″ at this scale) worked, it would be more powerful than a DD(X).

Fuel cells could save Air Force thousands
A year-long test.

New wings for warfare
The X-45 UCAV. Also covered at Defense Tech.

NASA Selects ATK To Develop First Stage Of Next Generation Crew Launch Vehicle
Cool engineering concept drawing at Space Daily.

NASA seeks help from private rocketeers
I guess in case the ATK deal doesn’t work out…

U.S. Air Force expanding cyberwar mission
For more on this see Defense Tech.

Britain to Pull Out of F-35 JSF Program?
Technology transfer issues are at the heart of what could be a very troubling development.

–And I never cease to be amazed that “Linkzookery” keeps tripping my spell checker…


  1. I don’t like WMV because it’s a ‘closed format’ but I agree, 128kbit WMVs are definitely superior to 128kbit MP3s regardless of which MP3 compressor is used. From all the hype I thought AAC was going to be good enough at 128kbit but I was sorely disappointed. I usually use OGG at ~160-192 (q6) for mobile tasks or FLAC for archiving.