Canadian Trucks and LAVs Get More Armor

Strategy Page has a quick entry about Canadian plans to up-armor their trucks and light armored vehicles in Afghanistan:

This is to provide protection from RPGs and roadside bombs. Using add-on armor kits similar to those used in Iraq and Israel, the cost will be about $70,000 per vehicle. About fifty vehicles are getting this treatment.

Recall that added armor is blamed by some as a cause for the LAV accident last week that killed one Canadian soldier after the vehicle’s driver swerved to miss a civilian car driving without headlights at night.

No word on the specific nature of the kits. The Canadians aren’t in Iraq. The slat armor used by American Strykers in Iraq has worked very well against rocket propelled grenades, but it’s of no value against bombs and mines. I haven’t heard that the RPG threat is all that serious in Afghanistan, so this is probably a more-standard solution.