Milblogger days ahead of the curve

Earlier this week I noted that Bill Roggio was present at a ceremony marking the transfer of control over a section of the Iraq-Syria border to Iraqi forces. He reported it in Threats Watch.

The story made the most recent issue of the Multi-National SecurityTransition Command – Iraq publication The Advisor. It’s the 12/03/2005 issue, not yet available in the archives, so I can’t give you a permalink today.

Here’s a snippet:

The Nov. 30 ceremony showcased the cooperative efforts between Iraq’s Ministries of Defense and Interior to limit and prevent unlawful entry into Iraq. “Iraq has closed an evil gate,” said Saadoun al-Dulaimi, Iraq’s Minister of Defense.

I’m sure that many Americans, snug in their homes and preparing for tomorrow’s football games, would like to remind the Minister that the terrorists aren’t “evil”, they just have a different point of view. Anyway.

“This is an important milestone,” said U.S. Marine Corps Col. Carl Lammers, senior adviser to CPATT’s Department of Border Enforcement. “Through the never-tiring efforts shown by Iraq’s border troops and the Coalition forces, the borders along the Euphrates River Valley are being controlled. The Iraqis are making great progress and we are all determined to keep the momentum going.”

CPATT is the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, responsible for training police and border patrol forces.

The story didn’t get much coverage, but here’s a quote from a UPI piece:

Al-Dulaimi said, “This is a historic day for Iraq. I won’t forget this day. The insurgents are no longer controlling the border. Our friends have helped us. We are now a country of freedom, of human rights, and of peace.”

And be sure to check out Bill Roggio’s latest, The Teufelhunden of the 3/6.