Officials: CIA missile strike kills al-Qaida No. 3
Terrorist group’s operational leader Rabia killed in Pakistan

Oh, Predator, how we all admire thee! Hellfire, how thy roar doth fill us with glee!

Rest in pieces, Hamza Rabia.


  1. Now all that needs to happen is to set up a video camera pointing at this guy just before the missile hits, and get somebody to repeat ‘God is great’ in the background. Then maybe it will get a play on network news alongside videos of Marines getting blown up. That would be fair and balanced, right? Personally I’m waiting for ‘America’s Funniest JDAM Impacts’. Can’t wait… Sorry, that was a bit sick, but then again so is playing this kind of crap on the evening news.

  2. I’m impressed a hellfire can take out a whole house. I wouldn’t imagine the warheads designed for taking out tanks could do that. Perhaps there is an HE version of the hellfire for tasks like this?

  3. As per MO’s post on thermoberic weapons it is possible that the Hellfire delivery system now has a thermoberic KABOOM.