What’s the Over/Under on that?

I’ve pretty much been ignoring everything about the 1,000th execution. I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, but I’m not all that opposed, either.

What’s the count for dead victims of these 1,000? I presume that nearly all of them have been convicted of murder(s). Has there been big coverage of that total while everyone’s going nuts over reaching the 1,000 mark? Seems like that should be something pretty easy to come up with. Maybe it’s been noted and I just missed it because I haven’t been paying attention.

Seems to me that it’s relevant.


  1. Of course it would be completely unfair to mention that the people who whine about the US having executing 1000 people over what 25 years don’t seem to be even slightly bothered that China executes 5000+ each year

  2. Perhaps we could celibrate by having a public hanging. Just in case anyone wonders, I’m opposed to the elctric chair. With the numbers we have on death rows in various state prisons, we need Electric Bleachers.

  3. 1,000 executions = a good start. The media tried to play this up and failed horribly because it happened to fall on the same week that Joseph Smith was convicted of the kidnap, rape, and murder of an 11 year-old girl. Seeing the poster child of capital punishment on TV reminded everyone why we support it so strongly. We even saw the tape of her being abducted. Anyone normal person with a daughter, sister, whatever, has to want this man dead.

  4. There are certainly people who deserve the death penalty. And there are ones that we know ‘for sure’. But plenty of people have been found innocent after being executed. For most convicted murderers, we don’t know ‘for sure’ we know ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. Is that enough? Well, all I know is there continues to be people found innocent after being executed. And I also know that blacks are more likely to be exectuted for the exact same crimes as whites. So as long as its not being applied fairly and/or innocent people are being regularly executed, I’m against it. (Damn, I really just need to start my own blog …)

  5. You may want to read this writeup about how the Electric Chair was actually a stunt pulled by Edison in order to discredit Tesla’s concept of AC electricity – by demonstrating how unsafe it could be. It didn’t work, of course, but you still use the chairs. A fascinating story.