2005 Weblog Awards – Bummer

The finalists have been announced and voting begins tomorrow.

Murdoc Online, nominted a couple of times, did not make the cut in the Best Military Blog category, which is disappointing. A lot of good blogs (as far as I can tell, moslty written by military personnel) are in the running, so go vote or at least check them out. A lot of good reading to be found.

Winds of Change, where I write and cross-post once a week or so, is a finalist in the Best Group Blog category, so be sure to vote early and vote often.


  1. Don’t feel too bad about not making the final cut, baby. It was your funny attitude in the comments section lamenting your exclusion that made me come to your blog. I like it, I’ll be back. You won’t win a prize but you gained a Maggie.