Global Hawks going to Guam

Guam to be hub for spy planes

guam.jpgIn August I noted that the Air Force had opened a new hanger for two B-2 bombers. We were more than a little skeptical (check the comments section) hat that was all there was to it, and it seems that we were right. There’s potentially a lot of US military activity coming to Guam in the next few years, including, perhaps, 7,000 Marines from Okinawa. Here’s the latest news:

Gen. Paul V. Hester, commander of the Pacific Air Forces, talked yesterday about the plans for stationing up to six Global Hawk surveillance aircraft and the possible permanent deployment of aircraft fuel tankers on Guam.


There’s also a chance Guam could become an international hub for Global Hawks.

“Our U.S. Global Hawk forces will be here — up to about six Global Hawks — and then we’re talking with other nations.

“If they buy Global Hawks, would they station those in their countries, or would they join us here on Guam and use this as kind of an (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) Global Hawk center of excellence here?” Hester said.

Why is Guam suddenly becoming such a military hot spot? As they say in the real estate world: “Location, Location, Location”.


  1. I still stand by my point I made in the post you made ages ago on this subject: I think this is a cover up, you dont need such a HUMUNGOUS hangar for a global hawk! This further emphasises that the US can still say the truth: yes we are sending spyplanes out of this base… Even though there is most likely going to be something else stationed along with those global hawks. For Global Hawks it should not matter where the aircraft is stationed in the world… just needs a runway, the feed goes via a satellite anyway, so there is no sensitive information to be gained from it. Why would they base it there if time on target is often important… ie. why not base it in Japan? I’m sure they would prefer those instead of the carriers!(joke)