MQ-8B Fire Scout moving ahead

Northrop Grumman’s Fire Scout UAV Moves Closer to Production with Completion of Critical Design Review

firescout2.jpgNorthrup Grumman press release:

The review brought together the Northrop Grumman Fire Scout team, the Navy and U.S. Army program teams, Navy representatives for Littoral Combat Ship integration and members of the Army’s Future Combat System program. Both services have been closely involved in the design to maximize commonality across the Fire Scout platforms.

The technical review process covered every aspect of the UAV to ensure it meets all current and future requirements. Specifically, the review included air-vehicle design, avionics and payload architecture, communications and data links, ship- and land-based launch and recovery and the ability to integrate future payloads onto the aircraft.

“Working with our Navy counterparts, the Fire Scout program continues to mature into a capable and supportable asset for the warfighter,” said Doug Fronius, Northrop Grumman’s program director for the Navy Fire Scout.

Buckethead covered the Fire Scout in July with UAV Successfully Fires Test Rockets. I also noted it about that time. Buckethead’s post is better, but I had a pic.


  1. It’s been a good week for unmanned helicopters, besides this, both boeings A160 hummingbird and X50A Dragonfly have had flight test milestones.