More on ANGELS

Autonomous Nanosatellite Guardian for Evaluating Local Space (ANGELS) (cross-posted to Defense Tech)

A couple of days ago, I noted this escort satellite program at the Air Force Research Labratory. Jeffrey at Arms Control Wonk has an extensive post up and notes that the ANGELS programs seems to duplicate DARPA’s Spectator program. Plus, for the ANGELS program, he uses the sort of image that, frankly, doesn’t often show up on military technology websites very often. He writes:

The United States does need to improve its space situational awareness, especially in geostationary orbit (GEO). The catalogue for low earth orbit only contains objects larger than 10 cm in diameter–larger than a baseball. Objects just a fraction of that size can cause the loss of a satellite. A piece of debris 1 cm in diameter contains more potential energy than is practical to shield against in orbit. The catalogue is even less complete for geostationary orbit, where only objects larger than 1 meter are tracked and catalogued.

Murdoc just can’t kick the idea that this is cover for a fancy little satellite suicide bomber.